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Insulated -15°C
Insulated -15°C
100% waterproof
100% waterproof
Reversible reflective cuff tabs
Reversible reflective cuff tabs


222 €

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642 €

Loro Piana Cashmere
Elbows and shoulder fall protection
Back protection
Bulletproof protection level 3A

This model perfectly embodies the values ​​of the brand:
Minimalist lines with a complete lack of logo, intelligent design and material choices offering the countless solutions detailed below.

Sealing performance is achieved through the use of a 16000/16000 membrane 3-layer fabric + fully thermo-bonded seams to which we have added a water repellent treatment to facilitate the evacuation of water.

We advise you to repeat this treatment regularly with a special air spray for membranes.

The insulation performance is achieved through the use of a removable liner * equipped with a 150 gram synthetic wool commonly used for high mountains.
This choice of materials rather than down, has the triple advantage of achieving insulation levels as efficient (-20 ° C) + to be breathable + allow our clothes to keep straight and clean lines.

*This lining being removable, it is possible to wear the outer garment alone as a rain jacket.

Optional Loro Piana Cashmere in the lining

In order to achieve an extra level of insulation and comfort, you can opt for the Loro Piana Cashmere. The inside of the lining - on the body - is completely covered with Baby Cashmere from the famous Italian fabric.
This is the most valuable cashmere in their collection.
Combined technicality of the outer part, the different levels of integrated protection and this level of finish, this jacket reaches perfection.

Fully standardized fall protections has been incorporated into the elbows and shoulders.

They are integrated in series, they are invisible and insensible.
They are removable.
They were placed there because we all have the opportunity, every day or even several times a day, to use a mean of transport presenting risks of falls.
A back protector D3O is available as an option.

retro reflective tape system for the night is placed in the sleeve tabs of your jacket.
Just flip that paw at night to be seen.

A PASS pocket has been placed at the end of each sleeve.
They allow to slip a badge, a card (parking, metro etc ...). This system frees you from certain gestural constraints

Our zips have been designed to make sitting easier.
The facial zip is equipped with a double slider that allows you to raise the lower one to facilitate the sitting position without pulling the garment.
Comfort zips have also been added on each side of the jacket.

This jacket is equipped with a removable hood with drawstrings.

removable hood with drawstrings. You

A weight / performance ratio unique in the world !
Your jacket does not exceed 800 grams.
The pleasure of wearing a jacket also comes from its low weight. This is a point on which we have been working a great deal.

A hue for life
Throughout its life your jacket will always keep its hue.
We demanded for a special treatment to be done on the fabric so that it never loses its color.

Adjusted fit
810 mm
Outer material
3-layer membrane fabric
Outer finish
100% WATERPROOF + Water repellen
Removable Lining
Insulation -15°C/-20°C
Detachable width zip
reversible bands
YKK Metalux
double slider
+ zipper on side
11 pockets
800 grs
Fall protection
Elbows & shoulders,
dorsal option
Pocket for badges
(inside sleeves)
On request
>16.000 mm
-15°c / -20°c
16.000 grs m3/24h
Outer jacket + Polyester lining

Washing machine 30 °c
No chlorine
No tumble dry
Iron with cold iron (110 ° c)
No Dry Cleaning
Professional water cleaning

Cachmere lining

Washing machine 30 °c
No chlorine
No tumble dry
Iron with cold iron (110 ° c)
Dry cleaning (management process)
Wet cleaning (management process)