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100% waterproof
100% waterproof
3A & 3A+ level of protection
3A & 3A+ level of protection
1,8 kg
1,8 kg


2 667 €

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Neck protection

Minimalist lines with a total absence of logo + an unprecedented level of protection for a jacket of everyday life.The development of this model took 48 months of work. A meticulous work to reach a perfect level of achievement while maintaining the standards of certification of such a product. In the end, we have created a jacket so balanced that it is also comfortable to wear as a classic garment. The complexity of its design is hidden in perfect finishes.

Its discretion makes the ballistic pack undetectable.

The collaboration with PROTECOP

To start such a project, we needed the best partners.
Number 1 in the world of ballistic protection, supplier of many administrations around the world, internationally recognized actor for its skills, Protecop was the ideal partner to cope with such a challenge.
Protecop accepted the challenge and immediately agreed to accompany us.
Over 2 years of development, we realized with them no less than 10 prototypes to achieve perfection.

NIJ level 3A protection for handguns

Your jacket protects you from handguns such as the 44 Magnum, the 9 millimeter or the 357 SIG.
Its composition is made of a mixture of Kevlar and Honeywell.
This hybrid solution has the effect of offering greater flexibility, unprecedented lightness and a trauma rate below the average of the other bullet-proofs on the market. Be careful, even if it is almost impossible to pierce this pack with a blade, it is not certified anti-blades.
For this you need to ask for level 3A +

Level 3A + NIJ with optional integrated blade guard

This pack is equipped with an additional plate designed to protect from blades.
With the addition of this plate, the ballistic level is enhanced since your jacket will also protect you from weapons such as 7,62 TOKAREV and BRENNEKE.
If this adds the level of protection, the jacket will lose flexibility.

Protected areas :

The vital parts are fully covered: Thorax / Abdomen / Back / Flanks and optional neck.

Manufacturing time: 12 weeks

The manufacturing complexity of this model requires a minimum production time of 12 weeks.
In addition we seek to "customize" each model in its measurements.
That's why no bulletproof model is available immediately.

Adjusted fit
700 mm
Outer material
On request
Outer finish
100% waterproof + Water repellency
Removable protection
Bulletproof NIJ 3A or NIJ 3A+ level
Protected areas
Thorax, abdomen, back, flanks
Removable collar
Bulletproof NIJ  3A level
- in option -
YKK Metalux double slider
2 pockets
1,8 kgs
>10.000 mm
Bullet-proof NIJ 3A level
44 Magnum, 9 mm
357 SIG
Bullet-proof NIJ 3A level - blade guard option
Outer jacket + Polyester lining

Washing machine 30 °c
No chlorine
No tumble dry
Iron with cold iron (110 ° c)
No Dry Cleaning
Professional water cleaning