Ballistic protection is one of the many expertise we developed at Inventive Citi. The FURTIV project has been driven for 5 years by a dedicated team working in close collaboration with PROTECOP, the French leader in ballistic protection, and a supplier to numerous administrations around the world.

To create the FURTIV collection, we relied on our know-how and our ability to integrate invisible, comfortable and certified protection in everyday clothes. With this collection, Inventive Citi has set a precedent, by marrying elegance and bulletproof protection for the first time.

Its development required 24 months of Research & Development and 10 prototypes. Thanks to a meticulous work with renowned workshops, we achieved an irreproachable level of finishing, in strict compliance with certification standards. 

The FURTIV models are unique products in the world thanks to their design and comfort and a reference to a clientele whose movements require optimal protection.
The FURTIV collection is a true technological achievement developed in partnership with PROTECOP ; it benefits from 2 certified ballistic levels : levels 3A and 3A+.

2 possible levels of protection

-   NIJ 3A level of protection for handguns
Furtiv jackets protect you from handguns such as the 44 Magnum, the 9 millimeter or the 357 SIG.
It’s made of a mixture of Kevlar and Honeywell.
This hybrid solution offers a great flexibility, unprecedented lightness and a trauma rate below the average of the other bulletproof products on the market
This protection is not blade guard certified.

-   NIJ 3A+ level of protection with integrated blade guard
The NIJ 3A+ level is equipped with an additional plate designed to protect from blades. This plate is made of Dyneema and Teijin materials.
Il will also protect you from weapons such as 7,62 TOKAREV and BRENNEKE.
This level of protection offers less flexibility than 3A level.

Protected areas

The vital parts are fully covered: thorax, abdomen, back, flanks and neck, the neck protection being an option.

Manufacturing time: 12 weeks

The manufacturing complexity and the requirement level of the Furtiv models require a production time of approximately 12 weeks, depending on the model.
In addition, we seek to customize each model in its measurements to adapt your needs.
That's why no bulletproof model is available immediately but on pre-order.
This jacket is extremely light, it weighs only 1.8 kg and thanks to its perfectly balanced design, it is as comfortable to wear as a classic garment.

Performances of the Furtiv collection

DesignAdjusted fit
Length700 mm
Outer materialwaterproof : color and touch according to your choice
Protection levelsNIJ 3A or NIJ 3A+ level
Protected areasthorax, abdomen, back, flanks
Collar – in optionbulletproof NIJ 3A level
ZippersYKK Metalux
Weight1,8 kg

Specificities of the 810 and 901 models

Length810 or 901 mm depending on the model
Outer finish100% waterproof + water repellency
Bulletproof protectionremovable
Pockets9 or 10 depending on the model
Jacket + lining weight2,6 kg

Discover the FURTIV model

Its discretion makes the ballistic pack undetectable.