Our history


Inventive Citi is a French high-end clothing brand whose mission is to protect you against
climate change, traffic hazards and gunshots.

Our philosophy is that a functional and protective jacket can also
meet the aesthetic codes of luxury.

This vision gives Inventive Citi a special place in the world of fashion brands.

Since 2012, driven by a high quality requirement, we have been creating timeless,
sober and minimalist jackets, designed to include a protection system
we invented : the Smart Motion System.


This concept we developed and which is directly integrated into your jacket, allows us
to offer new levels of certified protection.

It is based on the principle of lightness and invisibility. 

To achieve this level of performance while preserving the lines and comfort of our clothing,
we joined forces with leading industries such as road safety, space research,
military, medical and textile innovation.

All the protections and functional details integrated into our jackets have been designed
to improve everyday life and bring greater serenity, especially while commuting.