Our history

You will no longer have to choose between elegance and protection

In 2012, facing the observation of a future and massive development of
alternative means of mobility in city centers
- bike, motorized two-wheelers, electric scooters etc ... –
we measured that the needs of users were going to evolve profoundly.

That is why we invented the

A revolutionary and unique system that incorporates:
fall protection,
reflective strips for the night
and many new features that greatly
enhance the everyday use of the garment.

In order to preserve the purity of the lines of our jackets,
it was essential for this system to be undetectable.

First thought for autumn/winter needs,
we are launching for the first time in 2019,
a spring/summer range called REFLEX
and a women's model.

A fashion brand in step with its era

At the creation of the brand, we felt that fashion
was turning a corner.
A turn that would affect all social categories.

We felt that the brands of the time only partially
met the new needs of urban customers.

The garment now had to respond just as much
to a code as to a lifestyle.

The development of alternative mobility has accentuated this change.
A new need was born. That of protecting oneself.

So we imagined a brand through which we would not have to choose
between elegance and protection.

That's why we created the SMART MOTION.
A revolutionary system that meets exactly the needs of today.